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Lifetime Guarantee of Your Choice

Our guarantee is simple, and even better, unique! If you are not satisfied with your socks in any way, we would like to provide you three choices, hoping one of them makes you happy.

-We will replace your socks with a new pair of the same or equal style, with proof of purchase.

-We will refund your money with proof of purchase.




Here’s where we separate our company from others. Of course we would like everyone to be 100% thrilled with our socks. If we fail at doing so, we want to create a win-win-win and urge folks to consider making a difference. As a Washington based company located just outside of Seattle, we would like our guarantee to be able to support Seattle Children’s Hospital. So, if you are not satisfied with your socks, and can spare a new pair or the money you spent on buying them, with proof of purchase Ellsworth & Company will donate in your name the retail value of your socks to Seattle Children’s Hospital, and send an emailed confirmation of this transaction for your records.

Lastly, because we feel our socks are the best in the world, we do not anticipate a lot of returns. However we still want to make sure we do our part in helping a great cause, which is why we will be donating a percentage of our sales every year to Seattle Children’s Hospital.

At Ellsworth & Company we not only put our money where our mouth is, but more importantly we put it where our hearts are!

For all returns please email: and type “Return” in the subject line. We will contact you to see how you wish to proceed.


Thank you!

Pete Dahlgren, President

Ellsworth & Company, LLC




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